About Jie-Song Zhang

Jie-Song Zhang is a son of Beijing, and a pupil of New York. He, like yourself, has inherited this fertile moment in human history, its massive breaking and re-building, its possibilities and responsibilities.

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" I'm writing this letter to express our support for Jie-Song Zhang and the Emerging Face of a Nationless World campaign, being produced by Stone Forest New York... in recognition of the campaign's artistic and cultural value, and the campaign's potential to significantly encourage mutual awareness and understanding between global cultures and communities "
-- National Geographic

Pascal Perich is a French photographer based in New York City, specializing in portrait photography. He has shot worldwide, and for clients such as The New York Times, Le Monde, The Financial Times, GQ, Elle Magazine, Playboy, Vogue, and Newsweek, among others...

Rikky Azarcoya is a Canon sponsored photographer based in Querétaro, Mexico. He has traveled across the world, with a particular focus on Mexico, Spain, and the Latin American countries, journeying from urban metropolis to indigenous village to document the people of the world and their stories.

Krussia is an MC and beatboxer from Chelyabinsk, or what he calls "the Detroit of Russia". Upon arriving in NY, he survived in the only manner available to a strong willed immigrant - by any means necessary - paying his way by washing dishes and moving furniture. Years later, he lists on his resume collaborations with some of Hip-Hop's most influential artists, such as Blackalicious, Afu Ra, Sean Price, C-Rayz Walz, Joel Ortiz, and Blitz the Ambassador, amongst others...

Look for Jie-Song's forthcoming National Geographic blog, The Hundred Schools of Thought: China's underground Hip-Hop Movement, discussing underground Hip-Hop in China, the shifting landscape of Chinese youth culture, and US-China relations, amongst other things...

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